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Huntsman calls Rove 'yesterday's ballgame


Karl Rove has drawn a decent amount of criticism for establishing a project that's meant to weed out unelectable Republicans in primaries across the nation.

Jon Huntsman, who may or may not be considered "unelectable" (all we know is that he lost the GOP presidential primary) doesn't really care, but thinks Rove is irrelevant.

"Rove can do whatever he wants. I think he's kind of yesterday's ballgame," Huntsman told Bloomberg TV. "But I think Republicans need to focus, first and foremost, on big ideas. Ideas are going to drive people. People are then going to elect the leaders of tomorrow…That's politics, you know? Politics isn't going to win the elections for us. It's not -- it's not about people. It's about ideas. And the ideas are going to drive people to victory. We don't have any ideas now that are big enough and bold enough and visionary enough for most Americans to say, 'I like that, I want to sign on, and I want that person to lead me to the future.'"

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