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Canadian News Anchor Issues Ominous Warning to America: Gun Registration Will Lead to 'Confiscation


"And if you don't believe me, just look at what's happened here."

(Sun News Network)

(Sun News Network)

Living in Canada, Sun News Network anchor Brian Lilley has already seen where seemingly innocent gun control measures can lead. During a news broadcast this week, Lilley warned Americans that gun registration led to gun confiscation in Canada, and the same thing will happen in the U.S. if citizens don't defend their Second Amendment rights.

Lilley also told the story of Ian Thompson, who was charged for defending himself with a firearm against four men firebombing his home in Canada.

"We are at a state in Canada where they don't want you using firearms for anything. Ever," Lilley said. "That's the push. And as we look at what's happening in the United States, that's what's happening."

He went on: "So I've got a warning to my American friends: Registration will lead to confiscation. And if you don't believe me, just look at what's happened here."

Watch the entire segment below:

Lilley pointed out that the Obama administration is currently pushing to implement a national registry of gun owners in the United States, something the anchor said would ultimately lead to the confiscation of firearms.

"If such a database comes to fruition, it will lead to confiscation," he said.

Lilley explained that such warnings were ignored in Canada, at the expense of gun owners.


(H/T: The Right Scoop)

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