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NYTimes rejects Hawaii bill backed by Britney Spears, recalls Steven Tyler's camoflage Speedos


A privacy bill currently being considered in the Hawaii State Legislature drew ire from the New York Times today. It's called The Steven Tyler Act (yes, that Steven Tyler) and it's backed by several celebrities, Britney Spears among them. It aims to block paparazzi from snapping celebrities who don't want their photos taken.


Mr. Tyler, who recently bought a home on Maui, is not known for heavy involvement in Hawaii politics, though he could be said to have skin in this game. The Daily Mail, a British paper, snagged a photo of him a year ago, at the beach, wearing only camouflage Speedos and some jewelry. It was not a publicity still. ...

The state attorney general, David Louie, deserves credit for opposing it. Sally Raisbeck, a resident of Maui, sensibly wrote to the Senate to complain: “It applies to any person, (including me), whether or not the intent is commercial,” and “is likely to have a chilling effect on legitimate reporters. And it would be very unlikely to pass a court test of the First Amendment. Please trash this trashy bill.”

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