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Beck's Heartfelt Reflection Video on Chris Kyle's Memorial Service: 'Symbols of Redemption Were Everywhere


"I found myself thanking God for a country built on redemption."

On Tuesday, Glenn Beck delivered a heartfelt reflection following slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's memorial service. After sharing how he learned about the hero's tragic death, the popular television and radio host commemorated Kyle's life and legacy.

Beck noted the many heroes he saw at the memorial service -- individuals who have given greatly of themselves to protect their country.

"I found myself thanking God for a country built on redemption," he said.

Beck also highlighted symbols of this redemption that were plentiful inside of Cowboys Stadium, the location where the memorial was held, with the flag, family and a cross serving as some of the prime examples. He concluded the reflective tribute by thanking Kyle.

Watch the moving commentary, below:

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