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What Can I Say?': Rubio Explains Now-Infamous Water Break During SOTU Response (Plus Interrupts Fox Interview for Second Drink)


"...you start looking around, 'Where am I going to get the water from?'"

It took 15 seconds for Fox's Steve Doocy to ask the question so many were wondering after Marco Rubio's "watergate" during his GOP response to Obama's state of the union speech: "What's the deal with the water bottle?"

In case you missed it, Rubio's response was overshadowed by his dry mouth that required him to make an awkward reach for his water bottle off camera (watch it here). Rubio understood how much attention the move was garnering last night and even mocked himself. And on Wednesday, that continued.

On Wednesday morning, Rubio joined the “Fox and Friends” crew to explain his now-infamous water incident. He said that he would have rather reached for the water than not have been able to pronounce his words because his mouth was dry.

"Well, you know, listen, my mouth got dry and I had to get some water. You know, when you give a speech you have a podium and the water's right there. But when you don't, you start looking around, 'Where am I going to get the water from?' And I figured I'd be better off taking that water and taking the hit for hit than being unable to pronounce my words at the end of it. It had been a long day at work, we had already done an 18-minute recording in Spanish, and, you know, my mouth got dry. What can I say?"

And he even had a little more fun, interrupting the interview for another water break:

The rest of the interview was focuses on the substance of the response. You can watch his explanation of both below:

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