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Hockey Dad Calls Young Player a 'Midget' Then Violently Threatens the Kid's Dad -- All While Holding His Infant Child


"I'm gonna cave your f**king glasses in, you got that?"



One dad's outrageous outburst during a youth hockey game in Winnipeg, Canada has turned him into a lightning rod for condemnation. Making his behavior even more despicable, the man was actually holding an infant in his arms during the incident.

The man, identified as Jason Boyd by CBC News, was caught on video heckling a short child, calling him a "midget," and then threatening to assault the boy's father. The players were reportedly 15-years-old.

"Just 'cause he's a midget!" Boyd yells out during the hockey game.

The boy's father stood up for his son and sarcastically "thanked" the boisterous man for calling his son a midget. And that's when he snapped.

"Don't touch me or I'm gonna cave your f**king glasses in, you got that?" Boyd told the father aggressively.

Boyd's family claims he has since apologized for his outburst that happened in the heat of the moment, however, the parent who was threatened says he nor the players or referees have gotten an apology.

"There was no apology to the players, to the referees, or to any of the other parents that he insulted," Chuck Kitson told CBC News.

Now that the video of the incident has hit the Internet, board members of the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association, the league in which Boyd's son plays, planned to meet Thursday to decide on what action to take.


(H/T: Deadspin)

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