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UNREAL: Man Sleeps Through What He Thinks Are Noisy Hotel Guests, Wakes Up to Find His Room Riddled With Bullet Holes (See the Pics)


"All the bullets must have passed within a couple of feet of me."

(Credit: Reddit user walterwhitmanwhite, Reddit)

TheBlaze’s Jon Seidl contributed to this report.

Imagine you're sleeping in a hotel bed and you're woken up by a loud noise. You get up in a groggy and disoriented state and assume it's coming from the guests on the floor above, so you go back to sleep. You wake in the morning to discover that your hotel room is riddled with bullet holes and you're probably lucky to be alive.

That was reality for one man who checked into a Hilton hotel in Phoenix, Ariz. on Thursday. Reddit user "walterwhitmanwhite" posted several photos of the aftermath on Reddit Friday morning in a post titled, "I nearly got shot last night and I didn't even know it." The photos, which show shattered glass, peppered drywall and even a spent bullet by his bedside, are incredible:

(Credit: Reddit user walterwhitmanwhite, Reddit)

(Credit: Reddit user walterwhitmanwhite, Reddit)

(Credit: Reddit user walterwhitmanwhite, Reddit)

(Credit: Reddit user walterwhitmanwhite, Reddit)

See the rest of the pictures in the Reddit post, here.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department told TheBlaze in an email that someone did indeed fire "several shots" through the west windows of the Hilton Phoenix Suites at around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning. "No one was injured and it is unknown who or why the shots were fired. We don't know what type of gun was used either," Thompson wrote.

The Redditor said his room was on the third floor and two of the bullets "entered near floor level, ricocheted off the ceiling and ended up in the walls." Even more terrifying, he said police found a third bullet right next to his bed. He recalled more of the incident:

"This is in an all-suite corporate hotel in a business plaza with 24hr security and cameras. I woke up of course but was disoriented and thought the people above were doing something dumb at 2am so I went back to sleep. It wasn't until I found the fallen plaster in the morning that I realized what happened. The guests in the two other rooms that got shot did the same thing. All the bullets must have passed within a couple of feet of me. One might even have hit the side of the bed…The cop found the bullet in the photo next to the bed."

After another Reddit user encouraged him to demand the hotel compensates him for the incident, "walterwhitmanwhite" said he didn't hold the hotel responsible for what happened and, all things considered, he was fine.

"Part of me wants free stuff cos, you know, FREE STUFF! But the hotel was not negligent. It's not like the gunman was inside the hotel property or anything, and they responded appropriately," he wrote. "They offered me enough loyalty points to cover the night's stay. I guess that is fair."

"I could have asked for more than one night but in the end there is no point being greedy and they didn't offer it," he added.

Sgt. Thompson told TheBlaze he didn't expect any additional details to surface anytime soon. When asked if there was any evidence to suggest involvement of Mexican drug cartels, which are active in Phoenix and throughout Arizona, Thompson replied "absolutely not."

Messages left for Hilton Phoenix Suites and Hilton's public relations department were not immediately returned.

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