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Egyptian Cleric: Women in Tahrir Square 'Want to Be Raped' -- and Now Authorities Want to Talk to Him


"You see women talking like monsters."

Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah's comments about rape and Christianity have attracted the attention of Egyptian authorities, as the owner of the al-Ummah television channel is currently being sought. Abdullah allegedly said that rape is "halal" (permissible) during protests, while also repeatedly attacking the Christian faith. It is the latter offenses that have police seeking to question the preacher.

It should be noted that Abdullah is no stranger to controversy. According to Al Arabiya, he was already on trial after he ripped a Bible apart in front of the American embassy in Cairo following the release of an anti-Islam film last year. In addition to allegedly problematic comments he made in an Egyptian newspaper, critics claim that Abdullah has made anti-Christian statements on his television network as well.

Controversial television preacher Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah (Photo Credit: Al Arabiya)

He has purportedly called for segregation between men and woman, claiming that sexual harassment and rape are acceptable in Cairo's Tahrir Square. In a recently television appearance he also dismissed Valentine's Day as being "for the Christians, a celebration for adultery and prostitution."

Al Arabiya has more about some of his most recent comments about women. While he isn't seen calling for rape in this particular transcription, he does make some eyebrow-raising comments about the violent act:

“They tell you women are a red line. They tell you that naked women -- who are going to Tahrir Square because they want to be raped -- are a red line! And they ask Mursi and the Brotherhood to leave power!,” he said.

Abu Islam added that these women activists are going to Tahrir Square not to protest but to be sexually abused because they had wanted to be raped.

“They have no shame, no fear and not even feminism. Practice your feminism, sheikha! It is a legitimate right for you to be a woman,” he said.

“And by the way, 90 percent of them are crusaders and the remaining 10 percent are widows who have no one to control them. You see women talking like monsters,” he added.

Watch these statements, below:

Recently, Nagib Gibrail, a Coptic Christian activist, complained to authorities and accused the broadcaster of insulting Christians. As a result Gibrail's claims, the attorney general is investigating Abdullah, which may lead to his detention.

Egyptian law restricts insults against religions.

(H/T: Al Arabiya)



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