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Glenn Beck Reveals Some Exciting Details About His Trip to the American Dream Labs in Salt Lake City


"You can't imagine some of the things I saw this weekend."

(TheBlaze TV)

(TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck traveled to Salt Lake City this past weekend to visit the American Dream Labs and continue planning his exciting "Man in the Moon" event, set to kick off on July 6. During his show on TheBlaze TV Monday, Beck discussed his trip and what the future holds for the American Dream Labs.

"It is exciting," Beck began. "Over the last four days, I have met with my dreamers in a very plain, unmarked 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah…I spent about three hours with some scientists who are on the verge of answering the question of whether or not we can really have green energy in a timely fashion, and enough energy to power our world."

Beck said he now believes the answer is a "clear, powerful and resounding yes."

"You can't imagine some of the things I saw this weekend," he continued. "And in time, I believe you feel the same sense of history I did, if after we complete all of our testing, it remains true."

Careful not to reveal too much information too soon, Beck explained he has kept much of the American Dream Labs' work under wraps as the research and testing is ongoing, though "promising."

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