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Does the Left Ignore a Woman's Choice When It Comes to Gun Rights?


As Democrats have pushed for tougher gun laws after a string of well publicized shootings last year, several overzealous lawmakers have made news. Vice President Joe Biden is facing some negative press and pressure from the left for being inconsistent with the administration’s gun control message by encouraging viewers during an interview with Parents Magazine to buy a shotgun to protect themselves rather than an assault rifle.

Biden explained how he told his wife to go out on the balcony with their double barreled Remington if there were ever trouble at home when he was not there. In Colorado, a state Democratic lawmaker is in hot water for claiming a woman wouldn’t need a gun to protect herself from rape because "you don't know if you feel like you're gonna be raped."

These comments have drawn criticism from conservatives that consider it hypocritical for Democrats who exclaim the existence of a GOP "War on Women," to then dictate how women should defend themselves. S.E. Cupp writes on TheBlaze contributor page: 

What no one’s asking is, Why is it okay for men to tell women how to defend themselves?

Biden is hardly alone in this. Obviously there are hundreds of men in Congress and thousands in state legislatures who regularly craft laws on women’s self-defense issues, and many of them, I’m sure, do so from an earnest and compassionate place.

But doesn’t the “my body, my choice” mantra on the left cover my ability to save my body from rape and death? Or is it only my body and my choice when I’ve created another person, with another person?

On 'Real News' Wednesday the panel discussed the left's willingness to vilify the right for a patriarchal approach toward women in the context of healthcare and abortion rights, while at the same fighting for their right to tell women what to do when it comes to the protections of the Second Amendment.

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