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Oh my: NYC 4th graders learn math using slavery


A public school teacher in New York is facing disciplinary action after sending her students home with assignments that used killing and whipping slaves to teach subtraction and multiplication. Not surprisingly, some people were offended.

One question focused on a ship loaded with 3,799 slaves. “One day, the slaves took over the ship. 1,897 are dead. How many slaves are alive?” the question read.

Another word problem used the example of a slave who “got whipped five times a day,” then asked students to calculate the number of whippings he received in a month.

Naturally, it wasn't the teacher's fault:

Education officials said that fourth-graders at the midtown school wrote the questions themselves after [teacher Jane] Youn told them to blend lessons they learned in social studies class with their math assignments. Youn gave them to students as homework.

Ridiculously bizarre and offensive political incorrectness aside, what sort of teacher lets her students write their own homework questions? How... progressive.

Unfortunately for Youn, she's now pretty much guaranteed to be the least popular faculty member at PS59.  Because of her "appalling" homework assignment, Principal Adele Schroeter has ordered "sensitivity training" for the school's entire staff.  Fun times.

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