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Dustin Hoffmann to Piers Morgan: 'God Bless You For What You're Saying About Gun Control


"I feel extraordinary that I'm talking to you!"

Hollywood is known to be a hotbed of liberal sentiment, and the Oscars are often nakedly political events, in terms of the selection of nominees and winners. Still, naked politics during red carpet interviews, which are more often occasions for bland discussions of clothing choices, is something of a rarity.

But that didn't stop Dustin Hoffmann from explicitly endorsing a political position in his red carpet interview with CNN's Piers Morgan. Mediaite caught the video:

"I was watching you on television, and I think you said something about turning fifty," Hoffmann said to Morgan.

"I'm not turning 50. I'm 47! I'm turning 48," Morgan protested.

"I know. Nevertheless, that means I could be your father," Hoffmann joked. "So treat me with a modicum of respect."

"Have you had a little shot of tequila before you came out?" Morgan asked, laughing.

"No, no, I thought I'd have a little bit of vodka this time," Hoffmann responded.

A little pleasant banter about the feeling of being nominated for an Oscar seven times followed, after which Morgan asked the question that touched off Hoffmann's outburst.

"Do you still get starstruck?" Morgan asked.

"I feel extraordinary that I'm talking to you!" Hoffmann replied. "And God bless you for what you're saying about gun control!"

"Well, thank you. I'll have to have you onto my show sometime," Morgan chuckled.

"Yes!" Hoffmann said.

Morgan has been one of the fiercest and most unrelenting critics of gun rights since the shooting at Newtown, clashing with everyone from Breitbart's Ben Shapiro to radio host Alex Jones on the subject. One feels rather safe in assuming that Hoffmann would be a fairly light easy experience, given those previous experiences.

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