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Liberal Overlords of Comedy': Michelle Malkin Hits Back at Media Mocking Her for Satirical Video of Michelle Obama


"Surprise. The Liberal Overlords of Comedy DO NOT APPROVE!"

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin is well-known for her cutting attacks on liberal hypocrisy and "the mainstream media," but with her most recent publication she appears to have chosen satire as her weapon of choice.

Following Michelle Obama's appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," where the two boogied for several minutes portraying "the evolution of Mom dancing," Malkin made a video about the evolution of liberal dancing.

But the media was quick to skewer the latter.

"Can someone please explain how this Michelle Malkin video is funny?" The Atlantic asked.

The Huffington Post was less restrained in an article describing the video as "the biggest facepalm of all time":

Can explain what the hell is going on here? If you know what dances called "Fly Like a Menendez" (?) or "The Diggie (Obama's spending sinkhole)" (??) mean, we would love to know.

We did, however, enjoy "The Golfing Man," as Barack Obama is the first president to have played golf, a foreign activity to Republicans.

Once and for all, Republicans have dispelled the notion that they are by and large embarrassingly bad at comedy -- albeit unintentionally. Take that, Michelle Obama!

Here's Malkin's video, described by Buzzfeed's Jack Moore as "unwatchably bad":

Wearing a short wig with bangs, Malkin presumably is doing an impersonation of the first lady.  While it's true the video is lacking in flashy graphics, it's an almost exact replica of Michelle Obama's dance on "Late Night," just with different dances.

Here's Michelle Obama's video with Jimmy Fallon as a comparison:

Michelle Malkin is already hitting back on Twitter.

"Surprise. The Liberal Overlords of Comedy DO NOT APPROVE!" she tweeted.  Many are pointing out that, in addition to lauding Michelle's video, many in the media were delighted when Barack Obama "slow jammed" the news.

"Pres slow jams the news. 1st Lady bogies with comic. But Malkin is undignified?" Malkin retweeted.

NY Mag concluded: "Somewhere, someone is already working on an 'Evolution of Conservative Dance' video, and American politics will finally turn into the dance-off it was always destined to become."

We've reached out to Malkin for comment but have not heard back.



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