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Dog Accidentally Shoots Owner With a 9mm Pistol (Yes, You Read That Correctly)


"When his dog kicked his unloaded .380 pistol causing it to fire and the bullet struck his leg."

A Florida man ran into some unfortunate luck recently when his dog accidentally shot him with a 9mm pistol. The practically-unbelievable story purportedly unfolded while the man, Gregory Dale Lanier, 35, was traveling in his vehicle with the animal.

According to The Tampa Tribune's Highlands Today, the dog kicked the gun on the floor of Lanier's truck and it subsequently went off, with the bullet entering the man's leg. The bizarre incident occurred on Feb. 23, with the Sebring Police Department ruling it an accident.

 Credit: AFP/Getty Images 

According to Highlands Today, the report described the incident as follows: "When his dog kicked his [loaded] .380 pistol causing it to fire and the bullet struck his leg. Lanier said he heard boom, saw smoke and felt a burning in his leg."

Sebring Police Cmdr. Steve Carr said that he hasn't heard of a case like this before. Later, the .380 pistol was identified by authorities as a 9mm (Lanier reportedly didn't initially realize the gun type).

Lanier told police that he thought the gun was unloaded. The Daily Mail notes that the pistol, under law, should have been stowed away, making it not available for immediate use.

Considering Lanier's self-proclaimed surprise that it was loaded, it's likely authorities are taking him at his word. But, legally, the weapon should have been in a glove compartment, a holster or in another more practical device.

(H/T: Highlands Today)

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