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Wiki-Weapons Project Shows 3D-Printed Gun Part Can Withstand 600 Rounds

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Defense Distributed, which is heading up the Wiki-Weapons project to create a 3D printable gun design, is continuing its tests of its 3D-printed lower portion of an AR-15. As the group has stated on its website, it wants to make sure the pieces will be able to hold up to stress.

And that's exactly what this latest test was about -- more than 600 rounds worth of stress.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

How did the plastic piece do? Let's put it this way:  it seems that the shooter's thumb tires faster that the plastic piece, which is saying something given that one of the group's first printed piece broke after six rounds.

3D-printed piece doesn't appear to have been damage from 600 rounds. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch how the 3D-printed lower of the gun holds up for more than 600 rounds:

In addition to this piece, Defense Distributed has shown on its blog that it has also perfected its 3D-printed magazine.



(H/T: Popular Science)

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