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National Review editors call for CPAC to include gay Republicans, Chris Christie


CPAC organizers' decision to not invite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) to speak and prevent gay Republican groups from participating as sponsors has caused some controversy on the right. Turning the heat up a notch are the editors at the conservative National Review.

They write today an appeal for CPAC to change course and be more inclusive:

GOProud is the most conservative gay group of note (perhaps the only gay group rightly called conservative), and that conservatism extends to its circumspection about many planks of the so-called gay-rights agenda ... Conservative opinion on the intersection of homosexuality and politics is not monolithic, especially among the college-aged set that makes up the better part of CPAC attendees. And a gathering that hopes to speak for the conservative movement will be better equipped to do so if it represents the overlapping gamut of views included in it. ...

As with GOProud, merely giving space to Christie’s views would not amount to an endorsement of them. But it could help move the intra-conservative conversation in productive new directions. And that, as we understand it, is what CPAC is supposed to be about.


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