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The Politics Surrounding the Violence Against Women Act


The House passed the Violence Against Women Act Thursday much to the delight of Democrats who continue to call conservatives obstructionist over the bill as it passed the house with support from only a third of Republicans. Conservatives argue though that there are legitimate reasons to hold out against this act, no matter how hard voting against something called "The Violence Against Act" may play politically.

The bill includes questionable amendments that cut from the Office to Monitor and Combate Trafficking Persons and an endorsement of the decriminalization of prostitution for minors.

Speaker John Boehner brought this bill to the floor, bypassing the committee process, knowing it was not going to get GOP support but also knowing it was going to pass. It’s the third time House leadership has carried out this type of bypass procedure, angering some in the Speaker's caucus. 

On "Real News" Friday the panel discussed the Violence Against Women Act and whether or not Republican Leadership has the right to hurry inevitable bills through Congress to avoid allowing dissenters to make a scene, which they believe will damage the party.

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