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Dennis Rodman has canceled two media appearances since his weird 'This Week' interview


Via TVNewser:

After “This Week.” [Dennis] Rodman was supposed to be interviewed by ESPN’s Bob Ley for an upcoming episode of “Outside The Lines.” As Those Guys Have All The Fun author James Andrew Miller noted, however, it didn’t play out.

Today, Rodman was supposed to appear on CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, but as John Berman reported at 11:13, the basketball star “decided to cancel.” Berman then hosted Fran Townsend and John Avlon, who proceeded to trash Rodman for calling Kim Jong Un a “friend.”

Nobody was really thrilled about Rodman's trip to North Korea. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said today "instead of spending money on celebrity sporting events to entertain the elites of that country, the North Korean regime should... focus on the well-being of its own people who have been starved, imprisoned, and denied their human rights."

Rodman tweeted Friday that "Monday in NYC I will tell what is true and not true of what you have heard and read. Love you all." Guess not.

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