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College prof requires students to lobby for Obama policies


I'm pretty thoroughly convinced that GWU Law professor John Banzhaf works hard to create trouble none exists. Whether he's suing Catholic University for non-existent discrimination of Muslim students or trying to get tobacco companies to pay for an individual's choice  to smoke, he takes the cake when it comes to leftist legal activism.

Now, Banzhaf is proudly announcing that as a requirement of his course, students will be required to lobby their local government officials on behalf of the Obama administration's anti-obesity campaign. Specifically, Banzhaf plans to assign homework in which "undergrads will have to file a real legal document aimed at a major social problem - something which he suggests might be a first for any university."

My theory about Banzhaf's mischief seems to be confirmed given the fact that this information came directly from him -- he writes his own press releases to advertise his nonsense:

Banzhaf says that asking undergraduate students to undertake a real world project, rather than just writing another academic research paper, is consistent with the University's advertised claims that: "Research at GWU is at the Intersection of Policy and Practice" and that "At GW, Politics is Not a Spectator Sport . . . Here, a Stroke of Genius Can Become a Stroke of a President's Pen."

It also follows, he says, from the motto of the course itself: "We've always been told NOT to play with our food - At GW, We're taught to change the world with it."

He also suggests that homework assignments to do something in the real world are far better than the typical requirement to simply write a paper. Students are more likely to become interested and engaged by doing something real, and society will be better able to benefit from their new ideas.

If that last part were true, Banzhaf wouldn't require students to lobby on specific issues of his choosing.  Instead of actually contributing new ideas to popular debate, students "are more likely to become interested and engaged" in liberal leftist causes.  Fantastic.

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