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Will These Gun Control Initiatives Pass Congress? Here Are the Pros, Cons and Odds of Each Proposed Crackdown


A long, tortuous legislative journey lies ahead...

This February 4, 2013 photo illustration in Manassas, Virginia, shows a man holding a Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. US President Barack Obama Monday heaped pressure on Congress for action 'soon' on curbing gun violence. Obama made a pragmatic case for legislation on the contentious issue, arguing that just because political leaders could not save every life, they should at least try to save some victims of rampant gun crime. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

(AP) -- Just hours after the carnage at Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama spoke with raw emotion of the need for action to prevent more tragedies like the December massacre of 20 schoolchildren and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary. Three months later, members of Congress are poised to cast their first votes in answer to that summons.

The hard-fought politics of gun control guarantee that a long, tortuous legislative journey lies ahead. One proposal that's not even on the table: the National Rifle Association's call for every school to have armed guards. Plenty of school districts already do that on their own, though.

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