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Did an AP Reporter Let His Anti-Gun Bias Show? Check Out the Gun Control Bingo Sheet He Called 'Awesome


"Thanks for making my rights a game."

While covering the Colorado state Senate debates over sweeping gun control legislation on Friday, Colorado-based Associated Press political reporter Ivan Moreno took time out to tweet an "awesome" and wildly anti-gun bingo sheet.

The ever-vigilant Michelle Malkin caught the tweet:

Here's the original:

As you can see, the bingo sheet mocks so-called pro-gun arguments, some of which are completely absurd. So each time a witness brings up one of the topics on the bingo sheet, participants, like this AP reporter, are supposed to cross out the related box.

"NRA reference," one box says. "FALSE CLAIM: 'This is just an emotional response'," says another.

Once called out by Malkin and her website, Moreno then attempted to distance himself from the bingo sheet. "The sheet is at the press table, I didn't create it. Just pointing out," he tweeted. The sheet was apparently created by several anti-gun groups in Colorado.

"Thanks for making my rights a game," one Twitter user replied.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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