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EXCLUSIVE: 'The Bible' Facebook Game Launches -- And You Can Be Among the First in the World to Play It


"[The game] brings players into the events of the Bible in a fun way, and immerses them into the story."

Photo Credit: Lightside Games

As we've reported, "The Bible" series on the History Channel has been monumentally successful. And now, just one day after the second episode aired, a new Facebook game has been launched to accompany the epic, five-part series. Lightside Games, a leader in Christian gaming, has developed "Light the Way: The Bible," a hidden-object adventure that coincides with the show -- and Blaze readers are invited to be among the first in the world to play.

"Light the Way: The Bible" encourages players to seek out hidden objects, solve puzzles and find differences in side-by-side scene comparisons (click here to play the game right now on Facebook). In addition to encountering images and music from the History Channel program, players will have the opportunity to experience stunning Biblical illustrations.

Following today's Facebook launch, developers plan to make the game available on iPads and the iPhone -- developments that will emerge in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Lightside Games

Reality television show producer Mark Burnett created "The Bible" with his wife, actress Roma Downey. In a press release provided to TheBlaze over the weekend, he praised the new game as well as the show's partnership with the gaming company.

"Lightside Games clearly shares our passion for telling the timeless stories of the Bible in new, engaging yet accurate ways," said Burnett. "Lightside Games is the perfect partner to create a family-friendly tablet game based on our series 'The Bible.'"

TheBlaze also connected with Lightside Games CEO Brent Dusing via e-mail on Sunday to speak further about the new "Light the Way: The Bible" Facebook game. When asked what users can expect, he painted an exciting picture.

"'Light the Way: The Bible' brings players into the events of the Bible in a fun way, and immerses them into the story," he said. "Some people learn by hearing, some by reading, and others by doing. Playing is doing. We find so many people learn the stories of Bible through playing the game."

A scene from "Light the Way: The Bible" (Photo Credit: Lightside Games)

Dusing called the effort "fun and engaging," regardless of one's age or background. While it's perfectly appropriate for teenagers, he also noted that adults will enjoy the game as well. In addition to entertainment value, it's also connective, providing the opportunity to not only bring families together, but also to unite people from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world.

The CEO noted the personal rewards he's seen in partnering with Burnett and Downey's "The Bible." Highlighting his passion for high-quality Christian gaming, Dusing said that one of the most fulfilling elements of the experience has been working with people who share the same affinity for Christ-centered entertainment.

Photo Credit: Lightside Games

"'The Bible' Series is already reaching people in massive numbers," he said. "The ability to reach millions upon millions of people around the world with God's Truth in a fun, engaging way is my life's calling. Its incredibly rewarding to hear testimonies from our players about how their lives have changed."

Considering the popularity of Facebook gaming and "The Bible" series (it premiered on March 3 with 27 million total viewers -- the highest rated show ever on History and the biggest cable event of the year thus far), it will be fascinating to see how the game is received.

Previously, Lightside Games created two additional Bible-themed games -- "Journey of Moses" and "Journey of Jesus: The Calling."

Play the new "Bible" game here.


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