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World’s First Biblically-Based Facebook Game Launches


The Journey of Moses

Move over Farmville. There's a new Facebook game in town. Hexify's "Journey of Moses" takes players on an adventure of Biblical proportions. In remaining true to the original story, the adventure provides players with an entertaining and educational experience.

Considering the fact that millions of people play Facebook games, the makers of "Journey of Moses" have an opportunity to penetrate a vast and diverse market. In addition to reaching people who don't know a great deal about the story, the game is likely to attract individuals with a genuine interest in scripture. CNN has more:

Moses is a cartoon with a big head, a small body and beady black button eyes with a spiky grey beard and spongy grey hair in a new game on Facebook. [...]

At the beginning of the game, pharaoh's daughter, reminiscent of a Cleopatra bobble-head, picks up a bundled baby Moses and cradles him in her arms.

Once a user agrees to the game's terms, he or she can invite friends to participate in learning more about the life and journey of one of the world's most famous religious figures. Plus, the game is free (of course, there are options to purchase various elements that enhance the user experience). The Christian Post provides more information about the game's contents:

At the beginning of the game, players take control of a young Moses who is being summoned to a meeting with Pharoah, but he first needs to find clothing that will make him look more presentable. From then on, gamers will walk through Moses' life, which includes his exile from Egypt, his encounter with God at the burning bush, and his return to Egypt to lead the Israelites to freedom.

But, if you're a fierce competitor, this game may not be for you. In the end, "Journey of Moses" doesn't have any winners or losers. Instead, the game offers players the opportunity to engage in an exploration. The game's creator, Brent Dusing, says it is "A bit like Zelda merged with the Moses story."

Advancing into the abyss and progressing in the game is dependent upon players making friends and collaborating with others. This is the only way users can experience different parts of the story.

"Journey of Moses" marks Hexify Inc.'s third Facebook adventure game. Considering its interesting subject matter, it is sure to gain the attention of a great many individuals. The creators claim that the reception has been quite positive thus far.

(h/t CNN Belief Blog)

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