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NBA Player’s Devastating Dunk Over Defender Is Something to Behold



Los Angeles Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan finished an alley-oop dunk in amazing fashion during a Sunday night game against the Detroit Pistons. The slam was so impressive that some have already named it "dunk of the year."

Meanwhile, Pistons guard Brandon Knight, the player who had the extremely difficult and unfortunate task of defending Jordan on the play, has been made fun of across the web. The dunk was so ferocious that users took to Wikipedia shortly after the play and labeled the defender deceased from the dunk.

"On March 10, 2013 Knight died in a game vs the Los Angeles Clippers. The cause of death was determined to be DeAndre Jordan," the page read.

Watch the amazing play below:

This was Jordan's face afterwards:

(via Zach Harper)

What do you think -- is this the dunk of the year?

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