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Rep. Alan Grayson: Paul Ryan Wants Sick, Poor People 'To Die' & America to Consist of 'Nothing But Cheap Labor for His Corporate Patrons

(Photo: YouTube/Current TV)

Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) is well-remembered for saying on the floor of the House, in an elaborately planned presentation, that the Republican healthcare plan is for you to "die quickly."

His threats haven't diminished since 2009 now that he's in his second stint in Congress.

Discussing former Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal on Current TV, he wildly declared Tuesday night:

“In one case after another, you look at [Paul Ryan's] principles, you look at his vision, and they’re a nightmare for America...He wants Americans to work until they die.  He wants poor people who get sick not be able to see a doctor, not to get the care they need, not to get better, he wants them to die, and he wants an America that consists of nothing but cheap labor for his corporate patrons.”  [Emphasis added]

Speaking about Medicare, Grayson referenced a massacre in Vietnam: "[Ryan's] solution to the Medicare problem is the My Lai solution. In order to save that program he's going to destroy it."

Here's video of the segment, via Mox News (skip to around 2:10):

A writer at the left-leaning Daily Kos is showering Grayson with praise for his remarks:

It's wonderful having Alan Grayson back in Congress. Grayson treats Republicans exactly as they deserve to be treated and should be treated. I wish we had many more Alan Graysons in the Democratic Party.

On Tuesday evening while discussing Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal on Current TV, Grayson gave Ryan the treatment he deserved and should receive from every Democrat in Washington...



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