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Your Heart Will Skip a Beat Watching This Stuntman Jump Over a Speeding Lamborghini

Flips over the car at just the right moment. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

You might think the man in this racer's stance at a white line is gearing up for a sprint. That he is, but it's no ordinary sprint.

Getting ready. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Notice the helmet. His run is the lead up toward a speeding Lamborghini that he will attempt to jump over.

The event, which took place at the Top Gear Festival in Sydney, Australia, over the weekend doesn't have too much information surrounding it. Except, we did find a mention of this specific stunt in Top Gear's promotional materials where it says the daredevil will attempt leaping over the Lamborghini going around 62 miles per hour. Top Gear also identified the stunt man later as Paul Joseph.

Not only was he able to complete the jump -- landing on the other side of the car on his feet -- but he does it all with style.

Taking up his position right before he jumps. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Flips over the car at just the right moment. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Check it out:

Here's a perspective from behind the car:

The Sydney event is by no means Joseph's first go at leaping over a Lamborghini. He did it again at a top Gear Show in 2011. Here's that footage:

(H/T: GeekOSystem)

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