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Video: Catholic Grandmother Assaulted While Praying Outside Planned Parenthood


"I'm going to mess you up so f--king bad."

Image source: YouTube

A 63-year-old Catholic grandmother says she was attacked and knocked to the ground while filming outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wilmington, Del. last week.

Rae Stabosz told TheBlaze she's part of a regular group that prays outside the clinic. On Wednesday afternoon, when she and another woman were getting ready to leave for the day, an ambulance pulled up to the front of the building. Stabosz took out her iPhone and began to film, at which point she said a woman came out of the Planned Parenthood and demanded she stop taping.

"She came out of Planned Parenthood and she was very angry," Stabosz said. "[She said] 'I'm going to mess you up so f--king bad."

Image source: YouTube

In video of the incident, first posted by anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue, Stabosz narrates that they are calling 911 because they were threatened.

Stabosz told TheBlaze it was about 10 minutes later when the woman returned and assaulted her on the sidewalk as the paramedics prepared to roll out with a patient on a stretcher.

In the video, the woman walks out of the Planned Parenthood just ahead of the paramedics and heads directly toward Staboszs while on the phone. The audio is difficult to hear, but the woman appears to say, "I'll call you in an hour when I'm in jail."

"I believe this person may be trying to -- " Staboszs says before she's abruptly cut off as the woman slaps the running iPhone out of her hand. The phone clatters to the ground and the woman appears to stomp on it. There are sounds of a scuffle and Staboszs yells. The woman is heard saying, "Get the f--k away."

Image source: YouTube

"She barreled into me, grabbed my phone and threw it down on the ground and started to stomp on it. I thought if she gets one clear shot at this she's going to crush my phone and destroy it," Staboszs said. "She picked the phone up, put it in her pocket and [went inside and] gave it to the Planned Parenthood person."

Stabosz said she got up and went into the clinic -- something anti-abortion protesters are usually prohibited from doing -- and demanded her phone back from the receptionist. The receptionist handed it over, at which point Staboszs went back outside and called 911 to report the assault.

Image source: YouTube

Stabosz said her assailant fled in her car before police arrived, but that the other woman she was with managed to get the license plate number.

Police arrived and took a statement. Stabosz said she initially declined medical treatment but began feeling pain in her head and down her leg and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. She said she suffered contusions but no broken bones from when her attacker pushed and knocked her backward.

Stabosz said she received a call from police Friday that they have not yet located her attacker but are continuing to investigate.

Planned Parenthood's Wilmington Center was closed Sunday and could not be reached for comment.

Stabosz, a grandmother of 12, said she's been peacefully praying outside the clinic location for the last three years. She said after she was attacked, three Planned Parenthood employees went outside and saw her sitting on the pavement but did nothing to help her.

"We're not professionals, we're just people and we're trying to help people out and help save babies," Staboszs told TheBlaze.

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