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Exclusive Look: See the First Episode from New NRA Contributor Colion Noir! (And It Goes After Obama)


"And you know who’s the biggest offender? That’s right, I’m talking about you, Mr. President."

Remember when TheBlaze introduced you to Colion Noir, the new NRA contributor that's set to break many of left's stereotypes of not only the NRA but of gun-lovers? Well, now TheBlaze has obtained an exclusive copy of Noir's first episode for NRA News. And if you loved the news of him joining the organization, you're probably going to love the video.

It's called "Politics and Ignorance" and hammers the left for trying to use inner-city violence to push gun control:

"Let’s talk about the violence in the inner cities. Everyone wants to ask why. Why the killing, why the murders, why the deaths," it begins.

"Well, if gun control proponents would stop using the inner cities as a jump off every time they want to bolster their gun control argument and actually pay attention to the cause of violence in the inner cities, it wouldn’t be such a mystery."

The point? Politicians and activists only seem to care about inner-city gun violence once there's a mass shooting and it's time to star talking gun control.

"Because before that violence came knocking on your front door, you didn’t care what happened in the inner cities. So don’t start caring now because you think it advances your agenda," Noir says.

And then he goes after the president:

And you know who’s the biggest offender? That’s right, I’m talking about you, Mr. President. Because, quite frankly, something just isn’t adding up.

During your first term as president, you were silent on the issue of guns, even going so far as to say you won’t come for our guns.

But in your second term, you donned your suit of Mr. Captain America of gun control to save the kids.

But what happened to the middle class that you said you would so fervently fight to defend?

The episode will be released by the NRA later Monday morning and is part of the group's larger efforts to unveil a slew of new contributors that will give the group a younger, more vibrant look and connect to a wider audience.

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