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Your Phone Can Now Tell You When You're Drunk


"You can either throw it in your bag or hang it on your key chain when you don't need it."

(Photo: Screen Shot/Breathometer)

In the past, people had to rely on shaky math based on how many drinks they'd partaken in divided by how many hours they'd been drinking to calculate their blood alcohol content.  Not a bad strategy, but limited in its efficacy for those who really need it, i.e. the really drunk.

Now, a start-up company in California is marketing a device called a "breathometer" that, while not technically an "app," plugs into your phone and tells you your blood alcohol content when you blow into it.

The handy device connects to the audio jack of most Android and iOS smartphones, and you can either throw it in your bag or hang it on your key chain when you don't need it.

(Photo: Screen Shot/Breathometer)

The Huffington Post summarizes:

Judging by the demonstration in the product's promo video [below], part of the display turns red if you're over the legal limit. If you blow green, you're good to go. This offers a notable improvement over other handhelds, whose displays might be hard to read if you've been drinking.

The app also keeps a record of a user's blood-alcohol content. In future iterations, the company hopes to add features like push-button cab service.

Although the $20 "early bird" deal has sold out, there is still a $50 option. At that price point, the Breathometer is slightly more costly than other handheld breathalyzers.

But, as Gizmodo's Leslie Horn noted, "It's a whole lot cheaper than a DUI."

It won't actually say "go home, you're drunk," like Cult of Mac joked, but that's the idea.

Watch the sleek advertisement for the "breathometer," below:



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