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Amazing Video: Toddler Stops Breathing at the Grocery Store and Is Saved by Stranger

A stranger who knew CPR strives to resuscitate the 2-year-old as her father (in red) looks on distraught. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

A toddler in an Australian grocery store suddenly stopped breathing over the weekend. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending thanks to a quick-thinking, prepared stranger.

A 2-year-old girl in a Perth IGA became unconscious and stopped breathing Sunday. The store's a CCTV camera shows the girl's mother, Amy Collard, coming toward a cashier line from the aisle carrying her daughter's limp body.

The girl's mother brings her daughter unconscious to the front of the store. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Footage shows people panicking trying to call for help and deciding what to do. At first they think the girl is choking, but this wasn't the case.

Strangers think the child is choking and try to dislodge an object while the girl's mother gets her father from outside. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

The man in the red shirt seen running distraught in the footage is the girl's father, Michael Narkle.

Within just a few moments, the video shows the hero of the story, Rowan O'Neill who is identified as a "tradie" (which appears to be slang in Australia for tradesman, or construction worker), steps in to perform mouth-to-mouth on the girl named Shaylar. It takes 90 seconds but the girl is resuscitated.

A stranger who knew CPR strives to resuscitate the 2-year-old. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

She is out for more than a minute, but the stranger is able to revive her before medics arrive. The father of the girl is seen embracing the man here. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

She wasn't out of the woods yet. According to reports, she had a fever and she is later seen being fanned by customers trying to keep her cool while they wait for emergency responders. It is this fever that is thought to have caused her to become unconscious in the first place. A Current Affair reported Shaylar spent the night in the hospital and was released the next day.

The girl, Shaylar, spent the night in the hospital but was released the next day.

Watch A Current Affair's report with footage of the harrowing incident:

(H/T: This Is Somerset, News.com.au)

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