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Find Out What Experts Say You Need to Do to Prepare for an Emergency

This Feb. 8, 2013 photo shows Guardian Survival Gear's Elite Survival Kit features food, water, shelter and hygiene items for one person for 24 hours in Boise. Emergency preparedness is nothing new - it's a tradition in the Mormon religion and, for many others, a routine activity, like seeing the dentist. Organizations from the Boy Scouts to government agencies encourage people to be prepared for emergencies with water, food and first-aid kits. But there's a growing subculture of people who want to be prepared for the collapse of American democracy and civilization. Sometimes called "preppers," these apocalyptic types are a market for survival businesses. (photo: AP/Katherine Jones)

With reality television shows like "Doomsday Preppers" sweeping the nation, it is clear that a broad contingent of Americans see merit in embracing the benefits of emergency preparedness. Whether it be learning how to grow or preserve your own food, or investing in precious metals and other resources needed to prevail in the event disaster strikes, the ways in which one can prepare him or herself are many.

To discuss the ins and outs of emergency preparedness, Glenn Beck brought on special guests Mark Hyland, CEO of Food Insurance, Tim Howard, President of USA Emergency Broadcasting Network, Barbara Salsbury, author of "Preparedness Principles," and Major Steve Sheridan, an Iraq War combat veteran and author of "Waging War on Debt" to cover topics ranging from food conservation to protecting your finances in the event of an emergency.

With extreme events happening around the world and the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks, Beck said "we are more vulnerable now than ever before."

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