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John Lennon's bloody glasses want more gun control (Updated)


In a morbid declaration of her opposition to guns, Yoko Ono took to Twitter with warnings about gun violence and photo of the blood-spattered eyeglasses worn by slain musician John Lennon when he was shot & killed by a deranged fan gun in 1980:


According to NPR, the photograph of Lennon's glasses overlooking New York's Central Park was the cover photo for Ono's 1981 album Season of Glass.

Update: President Obama's Twitter account retweeted Ono's picture of Lennon's bloody glasses Thursday night.  A retweet from @BarackObama reaches his more than 28 million followers.

Meanwhile, TheBlaze commenter ERIC-N-OTOWN offers this solid rebuttal:

The Bastiat Institute has already addressed this perfectly on their FB page: “Over 2,519,528 people have been killed by cars in the U.S.A. since James Dean was hit and killed on September 30, 1955.” The former is how you use statistics and emotion to advocate for banning of guns, the latter for banning cars. Both are equally ridiculous.

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