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A Terrifying Look Inside the Nightmarish World Of North Korea's Prison Camps


"Through hunger, you will repent."

[Authors’ note: The following images are disturbing. Please proceed with caution.]

Rumors of North Korea’s allegedly Holocaust-style concentration camps have long been the source of concern and outrage for some in the West.

Indeed, between firsthand accounts from supposed escapees and disturbing satellite photos that seem to prove the existence of labor camps, it appears North Korea has a terrifying amount of control over its people. And now, a collection of drawings that has seen a recent surge in Internet traffic is drawing attention to the issue once again.

Detailed satellite photos reveal the existence of camps North Korea says don't exist. (Daily Mail).

As reports of torture and unspeakable inhumanities continue to leak out of the Hermit Kingdom, a portrait of murder and suppression has slowly emerged -- one that has the United Nations Human Rights Council considering an inquiry into possible crimes against humanity.

But although an “inquiry” sounds like a good first step, it may not be enough. If reports from those who say they managed to escape North Korea’s prison system prove accurate, perhaps something stronger than an “inquiry” will be required from the international community.

Of North Korea's 24 million people, roughly 150,000-200,000 have mysteriously "disappeared," according to the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. (Screen grab).

And speaking of supposed first-hand accounts, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” in December sat down with Shin Dong-hyuk, an escapee who claims he was born, raised, tortured, and starved in Camp 14, the most notorious of North Korea's “political prisons.”

Shin Dong-hyuk says he was kept prisoner for 23 years because of "political crimes" his grandfather may or may not have committed. (Screen grab).

His story is terrifying:

In case you don’t have time to watch Dong-hyuk recount his life as a prisoner, here are some illustrations from another ​alleged escapee that seem to corroborate his claims (note: the source of these drawings has not yetbeen confirmed):









Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s new ruler, lives a life of splendor, apparently unmoved by the alleged campaign of brutality and “thought correction” waged against his people.

Kim Jong Un, Dennis Rodman share a laugh at basketball game in Pyongyang. (Jason Mojica/ VICE Media/AP).


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