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The Horrifying Moment a Great White Shark Busted Through Shark-Proof Cage and Nearly Ate Newlywed Diver


​"Holy f**kballs!"

A relaxing vacation in Gansbaai, South Africa almost turned into a nightmare when a newlywed nearly got eaten by a great white shark.

While out on the ocean Thursday, recently-married diver, Roger, decided to get into a shark-proof diving cage. It turns out the cage wasn't as "shark-proof" as one might hope.

Here's what happened, according to Bryan Plummer, the guy who shot the amazing footage and posted it on YouTube:

"A shark totally ignores the bait and goes straight for the cage!! He gets his head inside the cage, while fellow diver Roger (who got married the day before), acted quickly to swim below the gaping sharks mouth and to avoid any injury."

"Holy f**kballs!" Plummer screams as he watches the shark trying to eat the diver.

Talk about a close call. Watch the incredible video below (Warning! Strong language):


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