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Sen. Portman's gay son 'could do without' being in the news


Will Portman, son of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), fell into the spotlight when his father recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. He's apparently taking it in stride.

In a column for the Yale Daily News on Monday, he writes...

It has been strange to have my personal life in the headlines. I could certainly do without having my sexual orientation announced on the evening news, or commentators weighing in to tell me things like living my life honestly and fully is “harmful to [me] and society as a whole.” But in many ways it’s been a privilege to come out so publicly. Now, my friends at Yale and the folks in my dad’s political orbit in Ohio are all on the same page. They know two things about me that I’m very proud of, not just one or the other: that I’m gay, and that I’m Rob and Jane Portman’s son.

It was Family Research Council President Tony Perkins who said Will's being gay was "harmful to him and society as a whole."

Will, now a junior at Yale, came out when he was a freshman. In his column, he also says he's "psyched" that his dad now supporters same-sex marriage.


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