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Gay Activist Shocks Critics With This Scathing Op-Ed...Against Same-Sex Marriage
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Gay Activist Shocks Critics With This Scathing Op-Ed...Against Same-Sex Marriage

"Same-sex marriage will not expand rights and freedoms in our nation. It will not redefine marriage. It will undefine it."

This week, everyone's talking about gay marriage. And as the Supreme Court weighs opinions on two, key court battles, both sides of the ongoing debate are on edge and continuing to advance their views on the matter. But among the many voices speaking out against same-sex marriage is one that may shock you: Doug Mainwaring, a conservative activist who is gay.

Taking a stance that is firmly apposed to those pushing to affirm gay marriage, Mainwaring, who co-founded National Capital Tea Party Patriots, recently published an op-ed against same-sex unions.

Allan Hoyle of North Carolina, with the large white sign, center, speaks out against gay marriage across from the street from the Supreme Court in Washington, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, after the court heard arguments on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) case. The U.S. Supreme Court, in the second day of gay marriage cases, turned Wednesday to a constitutional challenge to the federal law that prevents legally married gay Americans from collecting federal benefits generally available to straight married couples. Credit: AP 

Entitled, "I'm Gay and I Oppose Gay Marriage," the article does anything but dance around the issue, warning of the impact that redefining (he calls it "undefining") marriage could have on the institution. Mainwaring also sounds the alarm on the impact that he believes changing laws to allow for same-sex matrimony will have on children.

"In our sometimes misguided efforts to expand our freedom, selfish adults have systematically dismantled that which is most precious to children as they grow and develop," he writes at the beginning of the article. "That’s why I am now speaking out against same-sex marriage."

Among his contentions, the conservative activist decried the fact that the same-sex marriage debate no longer includes reason and fee inquiry. These elements, he claims, have been replaced by "moral relativism and emotions."

Mainwaring writes that the debate has always been colored by one side bulldozing over the other. For years, proponents argued for a more robust discussion on gay marriage, but they were overtaken and ignored by those opposed to gay marriage. But now, the activist claims the tides have turned and the situation has been flipped around. He writes:

The sense of urgency regarding same-sex marriage, now palpably frenetic, is in itself a sign of our national discussion’s devolution into nothing more than slogans and emotions.

Our nation’s individual state legislatures and courts—including the Supreme Court— need to apply the brakes. Now. [...]

Genderless marriage now enjoys an aura of equality and fairness, which suggests that the framers of the Fourteenth Amendment had same-sex marriages in mind as they penned their magnificent giant leap forward for humanity. While this situation is highly unlikely, those who selfishly seek additional “rights” for themselves have found their justification in the penumbra they now sense surrounding legitimate civil rights.

Same-sex marriage will not expand rights and freedoms in our nation. It will not redefine marriage. It will undefine it.

This isn’t the first time our society has undefined marriage. No-fault divorce, instituted all across our country, sounded like a good idea at the time. Its unintended consequence was that it changed forever the definition of marriage from a permanent relationship between spouses to a temporary one. Sadly, children became collateral damage in the selfish pursuits of adults.

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Mainwaring goes on to warn that gay marriage will prevent children from having either a mother or a father and argues that this is no small issue. In sum, he essentially argues that gays and lesbians who choose to have children are putting their "right" before children's right to have parents of the opposite sex.

Additionally, he warns that in "undefining" marriage, both children and humanity as a whole will also be "undefined." Rather than dubbing proposals to legalize same-sex unions as conservative or liberal, Mainwaring calls them "regressive."

Read the conservative activist's op-ed in its entirety here.


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