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Easter Reenactment Goes Terribly Wrong When Pyrotechnics Set Church Stage on Fire


"You know the most exciting thing...I think we're going to get new carpet!"

Rev. Mike Dennis, the pastor of First Church of the Nazarene in Canton, Ohio, believes this past Easter is one not soon to be forgotten. Pyrotechnics part of the services' reenactment of Jesus Christ's resurrection lit the prop meant to be the tomb on fire.

Just as the lead singer, identified as Jonathan White in the video, is narrating how Jesus had risen from the dead -- a point at which the light display was turned on -- a wire sparked putting everything nearby ablaze. Video taken by someone in the congregation shows church members popping up to help, running across the stage with flaming objects. All the while, neither White, the choir directed by Tim Pitzer, nor the actor playing Jesus missed a beat.

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