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University news site encourages students to have sex... in campus Catholic center

(Photo via CNBC)

An article appearing on a student news blog at New York University encouraged its readers to have sex in the school's Catholic Center.

The NYU Local ran an article on March 28 titled “The Best Places to Have Sex on Campus”.

"Unfortunately, NYU seems to have designed its buildings to keep hormonal students from humping all over the place," the article says.  "Luckily, we at NYU Local spent some time getting down and dirty to investigate where, exactly, you could hook up without being too worried about getting caught."

The authors go on to explain how they thought it'd be "funny" to recommend students engage in sexual acts at the university's Catholic student center (h/t Campus Reform via College Fix):

We spent a lot of time searching the new addition to Kimmel Center for places to sex in, mostly because we thought it would be funny to suggest that you to screw in our brand spanking-new Catholic Center. It turns out there’s a very super secret in-between door area in the Colloquium Room (566) on the fifth floor that is perfect for a quickie. With a study area only steps away, this location is the perfect mix of privacy and exhibition, if you’re into that sort of thing...

Har, har.  Making fun of peoples' religious beliefs -- what a riot.

As a side note, attending this "prestigious" institution of higher learning will set you back about $60,000/year.

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