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SNL: Melissa McCarthy Lampoons Fired Rutgers Basketball Coach

Image: NBC

Rutgers University found itself in the center of a controversy surrounding the behavior of men's basketball coach Mike Rice, fired this week after tapes emerged showing him shoving players, throwing balls at them and using offensive and abusive language.

Rice's termination, combined with this weekend's NCAA basketball finals, gave the writers at "Saturday Night Live" some prime components for comedy. And with Oscar-nominated comedic actress Melissa McCarthy hosting the show, the stars aligned for some great laughter.


McCarthy played fictional coach Sheila Kelly of "Middle Delaware State." Very much like former Rutgers coach Rice, McCarthy terrorizes her players with abusive language while shoving them and throwing basketballs at them.

Image: NBC

But things went much further than the basketball court, when Kelly proved to be just as intimidating a force in the classroom, attacking students and even faculty during classes.

Image: NBC

Violence, verbal abuse, threats and intimidation -- it all adds up to five minutes of comedy. Watch the full sketch below, via NBC:

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