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Depressing: Some Of These College Students Have Never Heard Of Margaret Thatcher


Real doozies.

As many paused on Monday to mourn the passing of Lady Margaret Thatcher, at least a few Americans found themselves asking, “Who?”

No, really, as the following video from MRC TV’s Dan Joseph reveals, there are college students in the U.S. who have never heard of the Iron Lady:

Look, we understand that all “man on the street” videos choose to emphasize the most "entertaining" answers. So it’d be unfair to say that the above interviews are indicative of the entire state of higher education in the U.S.

Still, considering how expensive earning a degree has become (the average student graduates with roughly $27,000 in student-loan debt), you’d expect all of them to have at least heard of Britain’s first woman prime minister, right?

That is all.

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