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Does Obama Really Go On Better Vacations Than Other Presidents?


Here's a slideshow to compare the Obama trips to those taken by past presidential families.

By Mary Noble

Senior Editor at Politix


U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama visited Spain in August 2010 for a private trip with longtime family friends. Credit: AP

The Obamas - especially Michelle Obama - have taken a lot of heat for their allegedly extravagant and excessive vacations. Even some liberal writers criticized the First Lady for travelling to Spain with her daughter Sasha in 2009.

But it turns out that a lot of the Obamas' travel follows some common paths for first family vacations...

Michelle Obama was called "wasteful" for a trip she took to South Africa and Botswana with her daughters and other family in 2011.


The Bush family toured the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Botswana in 2003.

Peace Corps Online

The Clintons do his 'n' hers safari shirts.


Teddy Roosevelt shows how a safari is done.

Wikimedia Commons

The all-American way to do presidential vacays is down on the ranch, like the Reagans at the Rancho Del Cielo.

Reagan Presidential Library

Bush famously spent vacations clearing brush at his ranch. "Most Americans don't sit in Martha's Vineyard, swilling white wine," he once said.


The Obamas lose "Bush points" for vacationing yearly at Martha's Vineyard.


So do the Clintons.


The Obamas have been slammed for spending Christmas holidays in Hawaii.


But US islands have precedent as a presidential haunt. This famous shot of the Clintons was taken on the US Virgin Islands.


The Reagans keep their cool in the water off Honolulu.


To enjoy the sea in style, you need a presidential boat. FDR shows how it's done.


This is what all the other presidents think they look like on vacation:

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

Obama is (in)famous for his golfing trips...


Which turns out to be the ultimate First Vacation sport...


Golf is dignified and presidential, except when it's not.


Even Eisenhower let it all hang out on the green.

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