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Fox News reporter's legal troubles pick up MSM traction


A mainstream news outlet has finally picked up on the plight of Fox News reporter Jana Winter. Namely, the New York Times.

Winter has been in danger of going to jail regarding her anonymously-sourced reporting on developments in the shoot-up of a theater in Aurora, Colo, last summer. (Read details here)

It's an issue that would generally inspire other reporters to rally behind one of their own in the spirit of the First Amendment but that hasn't really happened...

"Where is the public outrage?" asked CNN's Jake Tapper. Gawkerspeculated it has to do with Fox News, which "has literally created a multi-billion dollar behemoth on the notion that reporters ... are treasonous scoundrels and liars who don't deserve the protections of the First Amendment."

Coverage of the incident has been largely limited to online blogs and Fox News itself. On Wednesday, however, the Times published a full story on the ordeal and an additional op-ed by constitutional lawyer Theodore J. Boutrous Jr...

He writes:

The case of Ms. Winter, a young reporter, has not gotten as much attention as battles over confidential sources that involve national security matters, but, given the increasing prominence of mass shootings in America and the complicated role that mental illness has played in many of these cases, her case is a pivotal one for journalists and for any American who cares about freedom of the press.


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