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Jay-Z Finds Himself in Rap Battle With... Fox News Host -- Seriously, Listen to This 'Funky Fresh' Rap


"I bust funky fresh rhymes in a major way"

Dana Perino (Fox News)

Dana Perino (Fox News)

Rapper Jay-Z released a rap son this week called "Open Letter" wherein he brags about going to Cuba and having "White House clearance." The song was mostly a response to critics of his and Beyoncé's trip to Havana, where travel is restricted for Americans.

You can listen to Jay-Z's new song in this previous post by TheBlaze's Becket Adams.

However, the multi-platinum selling artist now finds himself in a rap feud of sorts…with Fox News host Dana Perino.

No, seriously. Perino's rap was aired during Thursday's edition of "The Five." Here's the lyrics to her "funky fresh" rap song:

"Well, my name is 'Tiny-D' and I'm here to say / I bust funky fresh rhymes in a major way / So I'm white like Casper / Got a dog named Jasper / If you don't think Beyoncé fears me / Go ahead and ask her / So, if you love Castro stick with Jay-Z / But if you love your freedom, pick Day-P / That's me."

Watch Perino's rap and her co-hosts reactions via Fox News below:

[fnvideo content_id= 2294203063001]

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