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Wasserman Schultz Seeks a Little Special Treatment for Frustrated Staffers


It seems they don't want to deal with the long lines of tourists on the Hill.

Despite the fact that the White House is essentially suspending some 480 workers on the budget staff while other administration staffers face similar furloughs, Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz asked the United States Capitol Police that staff members, including hers, receive a little special treatment as traffic around Washington increases.

Wasserman Schultz noted the "frustration" her staff is currently experiencing over having to deal with throngs of tourists clogging the entrances and tunnels to the Cannon House Office Building. In other words, the staffers are having a hard time getting around the tourists and into the building.

“...[J]ust to put in a good word for the frustration that our staff is feeling in the Cannon tunnel,” the Democratic stalwart began in a meeting that was video recorded.

“We’re still in the midst of the Spring Break season and the lines are very, very long, and with the closure–again, when we’re in session, so not just doors, but magnetometers, having a staff only magnetometer open in the Cannon tunnel as much as possible so there are staff when -- particularly when they are walking with us, who can go around them -- it would be extremely helpful if you could look at that again and get another mag open as often as possible.”

"The lines are even longer due to the combined Spring Break timeframe and sequestration — that is, heavy tourist travel and heavy Capitol Hill flow and fewer police on duty," the Washington Times notes.

(H/T: The Weekly Standard)

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