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Anyone Would Be Proud to Have This Factory in Their State': Blaze Readers on Connecticut Gun-Maker Leaving Over New Gun Laws


Connecticut-based gun manufacturer PTR announced this week it is leaving the state following the passage of new gun control legislation it said proved that state leaders have "abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom."

Here's what some of you had to say about it:


Gun & ammo manufacturers should take it upon themselves to commit some percentage of their capacity to civilian market only. This would show a commitment to their customer base, assure SOME level of arms & ammo to the public, & assure stockholders of long term business continuity.

Otherwise, they are likely to see new competition emerge as the demand has grown but not the supply. This may be from new startups that only serve civilian markets, or, more likely in the short term, foreign manufacturers flooding into the US market. Why not? We chased off (regulated away) ‘all’ other US manufacturing already!


Precision Target Rifles-Great HK based, .308 platform, semi-auto rifles. Anyone would be proud to have this factory in their state or own any of their products. A 10 out of 10. Come on down to Texas, plenty of room for a companies like this. PTR needs to bring an ammo factory with them too!!!

Larry E:

Every time I hear these moron politicians talking about how manufacturers wouldn’t leave a state after the state has basically outlawed the sale of their products in that state I have to laugh. They seem to believe that the only place the company can exist is where it’s always been. No other state could possibly have the high quality employees we do, or similar malarkey.

CO has discovered that Magpul is going to leave, and take their 600 jobs elsewhere. They may well take many of those employees with them. There’s no reason that Colt, Smith & Wesson, or any other gun maker couldn’t do as well or better in another state than CT, NY, or any other anti-gun state. Strangely the anti-gun states typically have high taxes, so finding another location with lower taxes could be very beneficial to the manufacturers. Ruger has moved many of their facilities to AZ, no reason other gun makers can’t do the same, and good on ‘em if they do!


Let them all go one step further… quit selling guns and ammo to DHS and the IRS. The NRA could show some real courage and pressure all manufacturers to sell to citizen Joe instead. Honestly you can’t find ammo anywhere in large quantities. But big, quick profits might be more important than maintaining the 2nd amendment.


For decades politicians have been passing gun control laws and it didn’t stop Adam Lanza. Passing more gun control laws will not stop the next Adam Lanza. Gun control is nothing more than a power grab by politicians. It leaves the responsible of society vulnerable to the irresponsible.


Blumenthal is Wrong! The mood among people who oppose Ct.’s actions against the second amendment is to boycott anything manufactured in Connecticut, particularly guns and ammunition.

That makes it less profitable for gun manufacturers to stay in Connecticut.

Colt, Ruger,Mossberg,Wildey and others might very well see their market share drop sharply if they stay there.

If anyone doubts that, note that Smith & Wesson saw a 40% drop in sales because of a Boycott over S&W’s Betrayal during the Clinton era Assault on the Second Amendment.

There are still great guns manufactured in states that respect the Bill Of Rights.


All gun manufacturers and dealers should move to another state ASAP! I wouldn’t sell or ship any more to Connecticut at all. They want a gun free state, show them what that means. Let anyone that wants a gun in that state go down to the local crack dealer or gang to buy it. You could probably pick up a few other banned items too if you want because banning something that has such a demand will never disappear, it is just moved to the streets. You can get one in one day…no waiting, no background check, and probably no serial numbers either so nobody will even know you have it. Plus if you have one that can’t be traced back to you, you can do anything you want with it and just throw it away. YES, that sounds like a much safer way to live. When you outlaw thing like guns and drugs, they never seem to go away. It just gives the gangs more money and more power just the way prohibition did for the mob. When you don’t know history (or the correct version of history anyway) you are doomed to repeat it….WATCH AND SEE!


I am a native New Englander and have lived in CT for 10 years. For the first time, we are considering leaving the northeast. While largely due to the huge tax and spend environment, the new laws simply add to the lack of appeal. What has been most offensive to us is the tone from the Whitehouse down to municipal government. That being that ALL gun owners are one social or environmental event from becoming another Adam Lanza. Gov. Malloys “circus” comment is an example of this. The ignorance on display in CT government re guns and magazines is not surprising as they have demonstrated incompetence in just about every leadership goal. I find it remarkable that CT politicians believe it to be morally superior for someone to kill with multiple 10 round magazines than one 30 round magazine. Before the “you can tackle him” crowd chimes in, if someone like Lanza really wants to abide by the law in an effort to kill dozens, he will comply with the one gun per month rule and bring multiple ten round weapons to his/her soft target. How will your “tackle” technique go for you then? Gun owners know what would happen-after the fact. There are nine known established street gangs in CT. They don’t even know Dan Malloy is the Gov, let alone care what laws he signs. Gun grabbers simply wait for tragedy and then wrap themselves in the warm blanket of collective self-righteousness while achieving nothing.


I posted the below on their Facebook page. Please send them a message of support as well.

I just read on The Blaze that you are leaving the state. I live in Connecticut. I’ve been battling AGAINST this gun control BS for … I don’t even know how long now. I spoke to most of our gun manufacturers, as well as gun part manufacturers, and pleaded they stay in the state. But after the latest hearing and the way our manufacturers were treated, God bless you for leaving. If CT feels they are superior enough to pass these asinine laws and expect our manufacturers to tool up to meet ‘their standards’, then they should be intelligent enough to know businesses will leave (and hopefully flip them the bird on the way out). Never mind that CT’s gun manufacturers sell a product that is good enough to take tax dollars from but not good enough to stand behind. After what Chris Murphy said , on top of Malloy’s comments, if I were you, I’d leave as well. You’re taxes pay for these senators/reps salaries … if they don’t support you, don’t support them.

I wish your company all the best, where ever you end up. Maybe we’ll see you in Texas, I’ve been lobbying the husband to move there.

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