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Is the U.S. Practicing Diplomacy or Appeasement With North Korea?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (aka the knock-off Vladimir Putin). (Getty Images.)

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo over the weekend part of the "Pacific Dream" pitch from the Obama administration that hopes to sharpen the White House's Asia policy to strengthen relationships between Asian countries and the United States before larger economic and security issues develop down the road.

The visit comes as tensions continue to rise with North Korea. China's foreign policy chief announced Saturday with Kerry that China is committed to upholding peace and stability while advancing denuclearization on the the Korean peninsula. Kerry has offered to negotiate directly with Kim Jong-Un over the nuclear program, sanctions and aid, a move significantly softening the administration's rhetoric toward North Korea.

Is this a diplomatic breakthrough for the U.S. or playing into North Korea's hand? The 'Real News' panel debates with guest Bruce Klingner of The Heritage Foundation in a clip below:

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