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President Obama: It's 'Unimaginable' That Congress Would 'Defy' the Will of the People On Gun Control


"... after what we saw happen in Newtown, I think, is unimaginable."

President Obama in an interview that will air Wednesday expressed confidence in Congress' ability to come together on a gun control bill, saying he finds it “unimaginable” that its members would “defy” the will of the people.

"I think we’ve got a good chance of seeing it pass if members of Congress are listening to the American people," said the president in the "Today" interview.

"The notion that Congress would defy the overwhelming instinct of the American people after what we saw happen in Newtown, I think, is unimaginable," he added.

NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie pointed out that the president is relying on Democrats in red states to take a stand on gun control – something he never had to do in the deep, deep blue state of Illinois.

"I think that all of us had to reflect on what we did or didn't do after Newtown," the president responded. "If the question is 'is this potentially difficult politically because the gun lobby is paying attention and has shown no willingness to budget?'”

“Then the answer is yes, that's a given. Now, if the question is what's the right thing to do and what the American people believe in, overwhelmingly. If that's what's guiding members of Congress during the next couple of weeks, then this will pass,” he added.


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