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Hilarious video of 'Arnold Schwarzenegger driving around' goes viral


Comic Actor Will Sasso is a bit of a social media wizard. His Twitter account has long been a favorite among fans of comedy.


Sasso has also managed to master Vine, the new darling in the digital/social media world.

For those unfamiliar with Vine, it is an online outlet for sharing 6 second videoclips with friends and strangers. TheBlaze profiled Vine back in late February. For some time now, Sasso has been posting Vine clips of his clever Arnold Schwarzenegger impression - but always with the former governor around driving and making strange comments.

Here's a typical clip of "Arnold driving."

After the 14 short Vine clips from Sasso started to build an audience, one fan pasted a bunch of them together and posted the resulting 1:33 second montage on YouTube on April 20th. The comedic conglomeration went viral and has already generated over two million hits.

(Content warning: Some of the language is a little rough.)

Bravo Will Sasso! (And a special thanks to YouTube user "As Red As Fire" for doing the assembly work.

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