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Are There Loopholes in the 'Gang of Eight' Plan?


Two weeks after revealing their plan, the Senate's bipartisan Gang of Eight waits as critics and undecideds comb over their proposal. Byron York writes in the Washington Examiner that several loopholes in the bill could provide a fast track to residency and citizenship in the U.S. for illegal immigrants in the country now. 

Under a special provision for immigrants who have labored at least part-time in agriculture, that fast track could mean permanent residency in the U.S., and then citizenship, in half the time Rubio said.  And not just for the immigrants themselves — their spouses and children, too.

A second provision in the legislation creates another fast track for illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16 — the so-called Dreamers.  The concept suggests youth, but the bill has no age limit for such immigrants — or their spouses and children — and despite claims that they must go to college or serve in the military to be eligible, there is an exception to that requirement as well.

Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King has been one of the sharper critics of the law, telling the Quad City Times that the Gang of Eight plan is an "outrageous reach" that will result in a "colossal amnesty plan." King is part of a working group in Congress examining the mechanics of the Gang of Eight bill. The House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security member has said of the Gang of Eight proposal; " “You can’t call that plan very conservative. I can call it bold. It’s a bold amnesty plan.”

King joined 'Willow!' Monday to discuss the findings of his group thus far:

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