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"Why is ____ video so popular with 13-17 year old females?"

(Image: YouTube Trends Map)

In every age group older than 17, the number one trending video on YouTube Tuesday afternoon -- even among the 65 and older crowd -- was the "True Blood" season six trailer. 

YouTube unveiled its Trends Map this week, making it easy to get a glimpse of what's hot now, among what age group and where. 

(Image: YouTube Trends Map)

The map breaks down by age group, gender and region what the most popular, trending videos are over the last 12 to 24 hours. 

"The Trends Map is the result of all the great feedback you’ve given us from the Trends Dashboard, as we keep working to help you find great videos and channels on YouTube," the blog post about the new map stated. 

If you're hoping the map will help you understand "Why is ____ video so popular with 13-17 year old females?" YouTube's FAQs states "no one will ever know."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the most popular video for females in this age group was "Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy":

This was actually the most popular video in the 18 to 24 group of females and came second in the 65+ group as well (it was number one for males in the 65+ group). 

A Family Guy clip dominated ages 13-24 for men, but the most popular video among males based on age group varied from there.

For now the trends map is only available for the United States but YouTube tells its viewers to stay tuned for other countries soon. 

(H/T: SlashGear)



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